Errata - “IT outsourcing management: the state of the art recognition by a constructivist process and bibliometrics”

Leonardo Ensslin, Clarissa Carneiro Mussi, Leonardo Corrêa Chaves, Sandro Natalino Demetrio


The objective of this paper is to improve the knowledge of researchers on the subject of Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) Management, identifying their most relevant articles and their issues by the use of a constructivist process - Knowledge Development Process - Constructivist (ProKnow-C). For this purpose, publications were identified in the literature, aligned with the subject, resulting in a Bibliographic Portfolio with 23 articles. Using the Bibliographic Portfolio, it was shown that: i) the most present journal was The Journal of Strategic Information Systems; ii) the most cited article was Poppo, L. & Zenger, T. (2002); iii) the most present author was the J. Goo; iv) the most cited authors in general were L. P. Willcocks and M. C. Lacity; v) the most present keywords in the portfolio was “Outsourcing”.


Outsourcing; Information Technology; ProKnow-C; Performance Evaluation; Bibliometrics.

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