A Theoretical Analysis of Key Points When Choosing Open Source ERP Systems

Fernando Gustavo Dos Santos Gripe, Ildeberto Aparecido Rodello


The present work is aimed at presenting a theoretical analysis of the main features of Open Source ERP systems, herein identified as success technical factors, in order to contribute to the establishment of parameters to be used in decision-making processes when choosing a system which fulfills the organization´s needs. Initially, the life cycle of ERP systems is contextualized, highlighting the features of Open Source ERP systems. As a result, it was verified that, when carefully analyzed, these systems need further attention regarding issues of project continuity and maturity, structure, transparency, updating frequency, and support, all of which are inherent to the reality of this type of software. Nevertheless, advantages were observed in what concerns flexibility, costs, and non-discontinuity as benefits. The main goal is to broaden the discussion about the adoption of Open Source ERP systems.


Management Integrated Systems; Open Source ERP Systems; Information Systems; Information Technology; Business Management

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.4301/s1807-17752011000200010

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