Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic and Genetic Algorithms: Applications and Possibilities in Finance and Accounting

Artur Filipe Ewald Wuerges, José Alonso Borba


There are problems in Finance and Accounting that can not be easily solved by means of traditional techniques (e.g. bankruptcy prediction and strategies for investing in common stock). In these situations, it is possible to use methods of Artificial Intelligence. This paper analyzes empirical works published in international journals between 2000 and 2007 that present studies about the application of Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic and Genetic Algorithms to problems in Finance and Accounting. The objective is to identify and quantify the relationships established between the available techniques and the problems studied by the researchers. Analyzing 258 papers, it was noticed that the most used technique is the Artificial Neural Network. The most researched applications are from the field of Finance, especially those related to stock exchanges (forecasting of common stock and indices prices).


neural networks; gentic algorithms; fuzzy logic; finance; accounting

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