Research About the Users´ Perception of Accounting and Tax Bookkeeping Modules of an ERP System for the Cargo and Passengers Road Transportation Sector

José Carlos Trevizoli, Pedro Luiz Cortes, Napoleão Verardi Galegale, Ivam Ricardo Peleias


This research evaluated the users´perception of accounting and tax bookkeeping modules of an ERP – Enterprise Resources Planning System for the cargo and passengers road transportation sector. It´s a survey research, which combined empiric investigation, bibliographical review, as well as field research. It was applied a questionnaire containing 20 questions to characterize the sample and 30 assertive ones, answered by 37 users of the system. The collected data were treated by Qualitative Analysis, Descriptive Statistics, Cluster Analysis and Comparative Analysis among the clusters. The results demonstrate how these users perceive the importance and the facilities with the use of the system, as well as grouped such users in 3 opinion clusters (optimistic, realists and pessimistic) and indicated points that can be improved in the system.

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