Cultural Influences on Adoption of Project Management: a Qualitative Study in Consulting and IT Development Companies

Carlos Ferreira da Rocha Neto, George Leal Jamil, Maria Celeste Reis Lobo de Vasconcelos


If the Project Management is analyzed from the point of view of new combinations that include already known techniques with a generic approach to manage projects, its biggest contribution to the organizations is found. However, the question that is raised is: how to make these management approaches generally applicable in all types, forms or origins of organizations? This paper presents, through a multiple case study, an analysis of the cultural influence, in the adoption of the Management Project in consulting and IT development companies. Based on the semi-structured interviews, its possible to note that the organizational culture, whether from the point of view of senior management or in the domain of several groups that are formed within organizations, sets limits and adjustments which are necessary for the adoption of Project Management that effectively contribute to organizational competitiveness.

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