An evaluation of Security Features based on Iso/Iec 25023 for a Distributed Autonomic Scientific Publisher Tool on a Permissioned Blockchain

Elder Bruno Evaristo Correa, Jeffson Celeiro Sousa, Antônio Jorge Gomes Abelém, Sandro Ronaldo Bezerra Oliveira


In the development of projects that aim at management and editorial evaluation methods, mechanisms that foster the product’s quality final have great importance. In this scenario, several areas are working together in search of better adequacy and standardization in software development. A basic example is the adequations of evaluation of software engineering and computer networks, which work, so that distributed applications are developed following evaluation criteria and standardized quality standards. In this context, we present the DASP software, an open-source distributed autonomous scientific publisher executed through an allowed blockchain network, automatically organized through intelligent contracts, an alternative to the decentralized management of editorial models. As a form of evaluation, one of the most current standards used by the international organization for standardization (ISO) to perform software quality measurements, ISO/IEC 25023, is adopted. Furthermore, we focused on the security aspect, which is one of the categories of ISO/IEC. This aspect was chosen because it was based on the main features that underpin blockchain technology. The quality measurement was carried out following several steps, such as the definition of ISO/IEC 25023, an adaptation of metrics for DASP software evaluation, calculations of the quality value of each functionality, and determination of recommendations for improvements in the software according to the estimates made.


blockchain, academic process management, distributed processes, evaluation security, ISO/IEC 25023.

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