The Next Generation Intelligent Automation: Hyperautomation

Somayya Madakam, Rajesh M Holmukhe, Rajeev Kumar Revulagadda


One of the buzzwords in the technological world is “Hyperautomation”. Hyperautomation is the new technological phenomenon in which it can bring intelligent automation processes using Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and other technologies. It has a good amount of business applications; that is why many tech giants and start-ups are putting huge investments to reap the fruits of Hyperautomation. The data was collected from different secondary sources from 1-4-2020 to 31-7-2021. The rationale of this conceptual manuscript is to explain the definitions, concepts, technologies and models behind Hyperautomation. This study also emphasis in-depth benefits of hyper automation specifically in Banking & Finance sector. Moreover, the study also presents some of the industry test cases


Hyperautomation, Hyper-automation, Intelligent Automation, RPA, Robotic Process Automation

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