Internet das Coisas aplicada a negócios – Um estudo bibliométrico

Gustavo Perri Galegale, Erica Siqueira, Cesar Alexandre de Souza, Carolina Bertolucci Hilário Silva


The Internet of Things is a technological innovation, based on artifacts and consolidated concepts like Internet and Smart Objects. Its growing business application of Internet of Things makes necessary to evaluate the strategy, benefits and challenges of this technology application. The main objective of this paper is to present the definition of Internet of Things, based on the most cited articles and as a secondary objective, present publication statistics classified by year and related terms, like ubiquitous computation. One of the conclusions is that papers related to business represent only 5% of all the papers analyzed by this research, considering just the papers published on journals. It shows that there is a great field to research on Business Administration.


Internet of Things; Ubiquitous Computation; Smart Objects; Web of Things; Business


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