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It is well known that Journals play a significant role in the dissemination of knowledge as well as they support important discoveries. Although JISTEM does not publish special issues in selected research streams, the Editorial board, Editor and reviewers are always sensitive to determining when submissions are being innovative. That makes each edition a rich and relevant resource for academics as well as practitioners. If the research results of the published articles reach the right target, it is hard to know. But as Straub and Ang (2011) states: “The way assuredly not to examine this question (Is information systems research relevant to practice?) is by asking practitioners whether they read scholarly journals. They do not. Nor should they. Scholarly journals are written by scholars for scholars. In many cases, the scientific apparatus is so complicated and sophisticated that only a subset of scholars can fully appreciate specialist articles. But if scientific articles have merit for praxis then this knowledge can and should be shared. It is conceivable that the essential principles and implications of academic research can be communicated to practitioners by the best IS academics.

In this second issue, May – August of 2014, we are pleased to present a selection of 11 highly relevant articles plus the Report: Outcomes of the 11th CONTECSI USP.
The articles cover the following main topics:

• Decision Models
• User Testing Methods
• Fuzzy Multicriteria Approach
• Analytic Network for Selection of Integrated Management Systems (ERP)
• Information Technology Governance
• Internet on the Patient-Doctor Relationship
• Integrating Services
• BSC for Strategic Planning
• Credit Analysis Using Data Mining
• Performance Measurement of IT Governance
• Automated Text Clustering
• Continuous Auditing
• Outcomes of the 11th CONTECSI USP– International Conference on Information Systems And Technology Management – May 28 to 30, 2014

JISTEM maintains the high quality and visibility in both national and international sectors. In addition to authors from UK, Jordan and Spain, we also present Brazilian authors from Rio Grande do Sul, Minas Gerais, Sao Paulo, Goias and the Federal District.
We thank all authors and reviewers and wish you a pleasant reading.

* Straub, D. and Ang, S. (2001) MIS Quarterly Vol. 35 No. 1 pp. iii-xi/March

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