Uses of ERP Systems and Their Influence on Controllership Functions in Brazilian Companies

Arnaldo Morozini de Lira, Cláudio Parisi, Ivam Ricardo Peleias, Marcos Reinaldo Severino Peters


Controllership and Information Technology provide ways for companies to adapt to the competitive context of business environments. As such, the aim of this research is to identify and analyze the impacts of ERP systems on Controllership functions, verifying the relationships between the use of solutions and possible improvements in such functions. The need for management control and operations control were observed. This research is descriptive and exploratory of the survey kind. The subjects mentioned in this research are managers involved in Controllership activities in large companies from the Auto Parts sector in the State of São Paulo. The data obtained through a questionnaire by non-probabilistic samples were analyzed with the use of descriptive statistics. According to the subjects, ERP systems modify Controllership functions and better serve the control needs of the operations. The results showed problems to be overcome in management control.


Operations control; Management control; Information systems; Car industry

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