IT Outsourcing: Methodology for Supplier Selection Criteria for Competitive Advantage

Sergio Alexandre Simões, José Wilson de Souza, José Celso Contador, Ademir Antonio Ferreira


Abstract: Two criteria are usually adopted to select the provider of IT: lower prices or better service qualification of the supplier. This article proposes a strategic approach: the company should hire the provider that best leverage their competitive advantages. This approach implied the need to develop a methodology. To support it, the authors analyzed four models, Porter, RBV (Resource-Based View), Balanced Scorecard and the Weapons and Field Competition. Preferred the latter to be the most complete, qualiquantitative technique and able to accurately align the goals of the IT service firm's to competitive contracting strategy. The methodology was developed and applied to an insurance company and in face of the excellent results, decided to write this article to disclose it.


Competitiveness; Competitive advantage; Fields and weapons competition; Outsourcing; Information Technology;

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