The Dimensions of IT Portfolio Management (ITPM): An Analysis Involving IT Managers in Brazilian Companies

Pietro Cunha Dolci, Antônio Carlos Gastaud Maçada


The aim of this study is to explore and validate the dimensions of IT Portfolio Management (ITPM) in Brazilian companies, based on three different models. Five case studies were carried out in Brazilian companies that invest more than nine million reals per year in IT. Eight top IT executives from those organizations who had knowledge of the dimensions of ITPM were interviewed. Items were modified and new items included within the dimensions, while examples of equipment or systems applicable to each of the four dimensions were also identified. Research that helps managers to better understand and structure their IT investments by using the dimensions of ITPM is important to assist in the management of such resources.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. The authors wish to thank CNPq and CAPES for their financial support during the development of this research.


IT Portfolio Management; Dimensions of ITPM; IT Managers; Brazilian companies

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