Public E-Procurement and the Duality of Technology: A Comparative Study in the Context of Brazil and of the State of Paraíba

Flávio Perazzo Barbosa Mota, José Rodrigues Filho


In this study, an attempt was made to understand the e-procurement theme from the perspective of the duality of technology, understanding it both as a product and as a means for human actions, which, interacting with institutional properties, produces and reproduces the current organizational practices. From the multiple interpretative case studies conducted, it was evidenced that e-procurement is a subjective element, sometimes understood inconsistently by human agents in the different organizational contexts studied (Brazil and the State of Paraíba). Users appropriate the rules, knowledge, and assumptions incorporated into the implemented system to perform tasks, contributing to a reaffirmation of the status quo.


Public Administration; Eletronic Government; E-procurement; Duality of Technology; Qualitative Research

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