Business Intelligence (BI) Implementation from the Perspective of Individual Change

Maria Amélia de Mesquita Fetzner, Henrique Freitas


Change is central in the implementation of Information Technology (IT). This paper reports on a
study in which the aim was to examine the nature of change at the individual level with an
analysis based on interviews with representatives from a Business Intelligence (BI) solution
provider and a group of clients. The implementations seemed to have occurred without great
difficulty, BI learning was quick, intuitive, and the process generated a positive affect. Changes
occurred in work practices, in the relationships between professionals, with regard to
information, and in decision making. The study uses different theoretical approaches and
proposes the application of an analytical perspective that includes affective, cognitive and
behavioral aspects in order to investigate IT adoption. On a practical level, the study contributes
to the knowledge regarding a particular technology - BI and, consequently, provides
professionals with the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the perceptions people have of
technology, which can lead to reflection and differentiated practices.


Individual change; Business Intelligence; Implementation; Information Technology; IT

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