Business Process Modeling and Production Control System Specification in the Self-Adhesive Industry

Marcos Ricardo Rosa Georges


This article presents the development of an information system for production control in an industry of self-adhesive products. The option to develop their own information system is due to the high specificity of their production system and unsuccessful attempt to adopt ERP systems available. The development of the intended information system was based on the modeling of all businesses processes throughout production, recognizing all data, processes and people involved, and especially the flow of information and decisions made during production. This body of information raised through the modeling of businesses processes enabled the specification of the structure of the data contained in every notation form from the shop floor, as well as the definition of access screens for all reports, and data manipulations required for production. By using a database, spreadsheets and some microcomputers interconnected in a network, a production control system was implemented on the shop-floor six months after the beginning of the system development. Details of the businesses processes modeled, of the data structure and of all flows are presented in this article. Comments on the results complete this study.


business process modeling; information systems; production planning and control; business process management; pressure-sensitive adhesive manufacturing

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