Project Orientation: a Proposal to Develop a Service Oriented Architecture

Daniel Valente Serman


A service-oriented architecture (SOA) is occasionally seen as a complex and undefeatable challenge (Serman, 2007). This feeling is motivated by the lack of attention from practitioners and from the academy on the means for its construction. The work aims to bring the portfolio management of IT projects as an option to guide the SOA development. A review of the literature on SOA was carried out, including case studies on the SOA adoption. A case study was also done, which analyzed some projects of a particular organization, focusing on the evolution of its services architecture. The results show a gradual development of SOA in the case studied based on projects execution and sequencing. It concludes with a proposal of a process for building SOA as well as suggestions and limitations for future research.


Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA); Web services; Project Management; Project Portfolio Management; Systems Integration

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