Fuzzy Logic Application for Economical-Financial Performance Evaluation of Production Cooperatives.

Oleg Khatchatourian, Jaciara Treter


In this work a methodology based on Fuzzy Logic was developed for classification and evaluation of Economical-financial Performance of production cooperatives. Continuous scales were introduced and Fuzzy Logic based sub-models, were created to evaluate Own Capital Return, Payment Capacity and Capital Structure of a production cooperative. By applying the developed model, the Performance dynamics of two production cooperatives (Coopermil and Cotricampo) was analyzed in a 5 year’s period.. Evaluations carried out through numeric simulation in order to analyse the influence of several indicators on a production cooperative performance and expert evaluations showed good correlation.


Production cooperative; Economical-financial Performance; Artificial Intelligence; Fuzzy Logic; Mathematical Modeling.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.4301/s1807-17752010000100006