Knowledge Appropriation Between Private Education Institutions: Cupi2 Project Transfer from Uniandes to Uniminuto

Jhon Francined Herrera Cubides, Olga Lucia Giraldo Velez


Strategic alliances are critical to generate competitive advantage in organizations. One type of such alliances is knowledge transfer. Knowledge transfer goes beyond transfer between enterprises, involves appropriating and adapting to organizational environment and characteristics, using resources of its own resources and form strategic allied. Beyond a simple organizational benchmarking, knowledge transfer will strengthen existing knowledge and generate new knowledge within organization partnerships, complementing learning in organizations. This paper presents a guide to transfer knowledge between private education institutions and its application to transfer a teaching programming methodology, the CUPI2 project, between Universidad de los Andes –UNIANDES and Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios –UNIMINUTO, both located in Bogota, Colombia. To achieve our objective we present, as foundation, knowledge management applied to education environments and participants in the CUPI2 transfer process. We present the guide, its current state of application, how we plan to continue it, and the main conclusions we have attained.

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