An Integrated Methodology for Customer Relationship Management Customization

Ricardo Colomo Palacios, Juan Miguel Gómez Berbís, Ángel García Crespo


The importance and presence of technological solutions in organizations supporting CRM are a vital business fact from the late nineties. Presently, the manufacturers figure in the market has dramatically decreased because of continuous takeovers and merges, but it has on the other hand gained momentum because of the sudden open-source and on-demand solutions appearance. In this scope, a unified methodology centered on CRM solutions is of paramount importance since it has traditionally been linked to either system integration or overall solution design. Based on the two de-facto complementary standards for the implementation and development of Information Systems, namely the ESA and Dyché CRM systems implementation methodology, in this paper, we provide a CRM business solutions customization methodology which pertains independently to the integration and tool maker perspective.

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