A Competitive Model Based in Free Software Tools for the Technological Management of Organizations - the Promotion of the Corporative Knowledge and the Technological Innovation in a Technological Undergraduate Course

Mário Lucio Roloff, Rubens Araújo de Oliveira


This article presents the thematic of the technological management, where the research is focused on the choice of the best technological free software tools for the promotion of the knowledge management. This article evidences the hypothesis that it is possible to adopt the knowledge management with the union and customization of the free software tools. In such a way, any organization can act in the technological management and apply the politics of knowledge management, either to a micro-company or a great corporation. A case study is presented in a technological undergraduate course of a Federal Center of Technological Education. The study case presents the research and the development of an innovative model of management for the course. Finally, the authors defend that this model can be applied to other organizations based upon a series of results and conclusions. Keywords: technological management, technological tools, free software, knowledge management.

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