Organizational Change and Communication in Quality Service Improvement for Users of the Information Technology at the State Secretariat of Finance of Pernambuco

Clara Emilie Boeckmann, Aldo Ribeiro Ramos Filho, Margarete Rocha Cunha


The State Secretariat of Finance of Pernambuco (SEFAZ), has developed since 1997 an extensive program of modernization, mainly concerning Information Technology (IT), encompassing in its Management Model, the organizational changes that place serious challenges to the management of IT inside SEFAZ, especially regarding the users support. This work has had as main objectives, to identify and to evaluate the existing difficulties concerning IT at SEFAZ, concentrating attention on the users support, focusing the problems in the context of the organizational change and organizational communication. A questionnaire was applied to 120 employees. The results indicated positive scenes of the relation between the users and the IT structure, the satisfaction related to the majority of the evaluated items, including positive pointers of 100%. However, although 92% recognize that IT is very important in the accomplishment of their activities, 68% do not know about the modernization of the change processes, making the process of IT adaptation a difficult task. A plan of management to the users support must be elaborated, including resources that promote a new culture of internal communication and strategies of the organizational change.

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