CONTECSI - International Conference on Information Systems and Technology Management - ISSN 2448-1041, 5º CONTECSI - International Conference on Information Systems and Technology Management

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Luciano Augusto Toledo, Moises Ari Zilber, André Castilho Ferreira Da Costa, Nelson Destro Fragoso

Última alteração: 2014-11-11


The present paper is a descriptive and critical exposition of the innovation and technology singularities. The innovative actions adopted by the organizations are placed in relief that they search by means of changes to make with that organization aims are reached. A recurrent contribution is the analysis of some questions related with benefits, advantages and restrictions that normally surround the technology and innovation process, also. The paper was structuralized under the assay modality, and is composed in a revision of the theoretical referencial, by means of a critical conceptual analysis of some pertinent aspects to the subject innovation and technology. Finally it is distinguished that innovative process is challenging, therefore it makes possible diffuse interpretations and it involves them anagement of abilities in the scopes technological, marketing and management. Its agreement and practical its demand time, devotion and investments, beyond truily significant innovations. To be significant is to contribute for the growth of the organization, and at the same time, to display value to the customers, and these to be capable to try this value.


Innovation; Technology; Innovative; Strategy; Competitive.