Palestrantes 16th CONTECSI

16th CONTECSI – International Conference on Information Systems and Technology Management – BRAIS – AIS Brazil Chapter

A – Opening Session

AIS  Keynote Speaker: Prof Dr Ting Peng Liang

President AIS – Association for Information Systems


Short Bio

Ting-Peng Liang is Professor and Director of the Department of Management Information Systems at the National Chengchi University in Taiwan. He also serves as a Professor in the Department of Information Management at National Sun Yat-sen University.

Liang’s area of study includes electronic commerce, strategic information systems, intelligent systems and neural information systems.

Important: Every year CONTECSI presents the AIS President as the Speaker of the Opening Session.  This year Prof Ting Ping Liang could not come because of his extensive agenda as president of AIS.  Then, Prof TP Liang sent a video with a kind message to all participants of the 16th CONTECSI. The message was presented at the Opening Session – May 29th, 2019

Please access the link bellow to watch the message.

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B – International Invited speaker


International Keynote Speaker

Prof. Dr. Hajer Kefi

Full Professor of Management Science – PSB Paris School of Business and the University of Paris Descartes

Social Media: The Bright and Dark Sides

 Hajer Kefi is Full Professor of Management Science in PSB Paris School of Business and the University of Paris Descartes. She is an invited professor in the National University of Singapore. Her research interests include social media usage, Big data analytics in digital marketing and Information Technology ethics. She received her PhD degree in Management Science from the University of  PSL University Paris-Dauphine and a post-doctoral degree in Research Supervision (HDR) from the University of Paris Sud in France. Her work has appeared in two books and several book chapters, and numerous research articles in scientific journals such as the Journal of Business Research, Journal of Strategic Information Systems, Information Technology and People, Management International, Systèmes d’information et Management, Information Resources Management Journal, and Communication of the AIS. She has received the award of the  best dissertation in Management Science in France and many best paper awards in premier journals and conferences.

Keynote Speech Presentation –  Social Media: The Bright and Dark Sides

There is an increasing awareness that online social networks, besides their numerous benefits like social capital enhancement,  knowledge dissemination and value co-creation, present a “Dark Side,” including a set of complex and often alarming ways in which the development and use of these platforms affect private, professional, and social life. Thus, analyzing the bright and the dark sides of online social networks requires the ability to  understand the drivers and mechanisms of digital interactions to better address a range of phenomena including engagement, influence and virality, for the bright side, and also technostress, addiction, fatigue, privacy, and security concerns for the dark one. The aim of this presentation is to provide some theoretical, empirical and methodological insights on these topics.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER 16th CONTECSI – Information Science

Prof. Dr.José Antonio Moreiro González

Universidad Carlos III, Madrid, Spain

 José Antonio Moreiro González, Chair of Library Economics and Documentation was UNED professor (1982-1986), Universidad Complutense (1986-1989), Murcia University (1989-1991) and Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (since1991). His teaching activity and preferred areas of research are concerned with analysis of documented content, semantic vocabularies, documental theory and the labour market for Information-Documentation.

He was Director of the “Rafael Méndez”  Hall of Residence at the University of  Murcia (1990-1991) and, having joined Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Director of the Department of Library Economics and Documentation (1992-2000) and Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Communications and Documentation   (2002-2010).

Prof. Dr. Armando de Barros Malheiro

University of Porto, Portugal  |   Co-Chair of 16th CONTECSI

Professor Associado da Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto e membro da comissão de coordenação do grau de Ciência da Informação ensinado pelas artes e das Faculdades de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto. Nascido em Braga, é graduado em Filosofia pela Faculdade de Filosofia da Universidade Católica de Braga e em História pela Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto. Ele obteve o diploma do curso de Bibliotecário-Arquivista da Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Coimbra. Em 1999, defendeu seu doutorado em História Contemporânea na Universidade do Minho. Ele foi, de 1990 até 2000, colaborador do curso de Especialização Ciência Documental da Literatura de Artes de Coimbra. É membro do Centro de Estudos em Tecnologia, Artes e Ciências da Comunicação.


KEYNOTE SPEAKER 16th CONTECSI – 7ºPanel on Innovation in Government

Prof. Dr. Walter Castelnovo

Department of Theoretical and Applied Sciences University of Insubria, Italy. Walter Castelnovo, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor of Information Systems and Organization at the University of Insubria (Italy). His research interests concern technological and organizational innovation in Public Administration and Interorganizational Information Systems. He is one of the founders of the Research Center for “Knowledge and Service Management for Business Applications” of the University of Insubria and he is member of the Scientific Committee of the “Interdepartmental Center for Organizational Innovation in Public Administration” of the University of Milan.